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Professional Piano Movers Another successful piano move in the books for Alden's Piano Co.! Looking for a professional piano mover in the Chicagoland area? Contact Alden's Piano today for a quote!

Moving Sean Bennett’s 7 FT Steinway

A Tight Fit It was a tight fit getting Sean Bennett's 7 ft. Steinway piano moved successfully in a 7ft. - 6in. elevator, but Alden's Piano got the job done without issue! Need help moving your piano? Contact Alden's today for a piano moving quote!

Why a “Free” Piano Isn’t Actually Free

Wondering why a “free” piano isn’t actually free? Alden’s Piano Co. will fill you in! Don’t accept any free pianos without reading this first! I want to start by saying a “free” piano can be a wonderful thing. For someone who has no use for their piano anymore giving it to a home where it […]

Alden’s Piano Company Uses Professional Piano Moving Equipment

What sets Alden’s Piano Co. apart from other piano movers? Or how are they able to move a piano with a sense of urgency, yet move your piano with precision care? Whether Alden’s Piano Company moves your treasured piano from one room to the next, around the corner or across town, they are your premier […]

Why Choose a Piano Mover Over Just a Local Moving Company?

Why choose a professional piano mover? Would you choose an art dealer to sell your home or a realtor to sell your that beloved Picasso? No, you want the right person for the right job. So choosing a piano moving company to move your piano just makes sense and saves you cents. A piano is […]

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