Why a “Free” Piano Isn’t Actually Free

Wondering why a “free” piano isn’t actually free? Alden’s Piano Co. will fill you in! Don’t accept any free pianos without reading this first!

I want to start by saying a “free” piano can be a wonderful thing. For someone who has no use for their piano anymore giving it to a home where it will be used is a gratifying feeling. However, if you are receiving the “free” piano you must be aware of several things.

  1. Moving a piano costs anywhere from $200-$400 and up.
  2. Tuning a piano typically costs $100-$150.
  3. Minor repairs can cost as little as $35. However, major repairs can be more than the value of the piano.

The Hidden Costs in “Free” Pianos

As you can see, whether buying a piano or getting one for free, it will cost a minimum of $300. Before putting any money into a piano I highly recommend calling a tuner/technician. For a fee they can tell you if the piano is worth putting the money into and give advice on the value if you’re purchasing it. At the very least you can get advice on what to look for if you’re checking the piano out yourself. The last thing you want is to spend the money to get the piano to your house and have a tuner tell you the piano isn’t tuneable anymore.

Unless you know that the piano you’re getting and has been taken care of properly my advice is to contact a piano store, tuner or technician. Many of them will have very affordable used pianos that come cleaned, regulated and tuned.

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