Alden’s Piano Company Uses Professional Piano Moving Equipment

What sets Alden’s Piano Co. apart from other piano movers?

Or how are they able to move a piano with a sense of urgency, yet move your piano with precision care? Whether Alden’s Piano Company moves your treasured piano from one room to the next, around the corner or across town, they are your premier piano movers. Aside from their expertly trained and experienced movers, it’s all in the equipment. Alden’s Piano Company uses on quality equipment, from piano dollies to moving blankets and piano boards.

Quality Moving Equipment

The moving equipment we use is essential to our success. Quality moving equipment leads to a quality move.

Pianos are extremely heavy and without proper care and caution, can cause major damage to flooring and other furniture. Our equipment is designed to protect all your valuables, including your piano.

  • Our durable piano boards are constructed from seasoned hardwood. padded and constantly checked for loose screws or faulty straps.
  • Our steel framed swivel wheel piano dollies can hold over 2,000 lbs. You don’t have to worry about the piano dolly cracking under the weight as a wooden dolly can.
  • Our piano dollies have Colson Performa swivel wheels, the best on the market, for a smooth ride that won’t leave marks on floors. Your hardwood floors and other surfaces will be safe.
  • For difficult moves, we use steel-framed skids with a header that extends 12”. This protects pianos that have to be flipped and offers greater balance. The board also has Colson Performa swivel wheels that make maneuvering in stairwells and other tight spaces easy.

Premium Piano Protection

  • Pianos are protected with Premium Moving Blankets.
  • Our moving blankets are water-resistant, quilted, and lined for added protection to your piano.
  • Whether you have a Grand or an Upright, our heavy-duty nylon moving blankets will protect the entire finished surface.


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