Why Choose a Piano Mover Over Just a Local Moving Company?

Why choose a professional piano mover?

Would you choose an art dealer to sell your home or a realtor to sell your that beloved Picasso?

No, you want the right person for the right job. So choosing a piano moving company to move your piano just makes sense and saves you cents.

A piano is an extremely heavy and bulky instrument.

If not properly handled, it can cause a lot of damage. Moving a piano in and out of homes is not the same as moving a couch or other piece of furniture. Piano moving requires someone with experience and expertise. Piano movers are able to avoid potential damage to both the piano and the surrounding dwelling. This is why residential movers will call Alden Piano Movers . While other movers are capable of performing some piano moves, they understand that their personnel lack the experience necessary for more complicated moves. Experience is the most important factor when moving a piano.

A Professional Piano Moving Company Knows How! Alden’s Local Moving Companies Best in Chicago

Alden Piano Movers, a premier piano moving company in Chicago, is called on several emergency jobs a year. In each instance, household movers were hired. They said they could move a piano. Once the household movers showed up, they realized they couldn’t do it or worse damaged the piano.

Alden Piano Movers once received a call from a client where the household movers hired showed up and moved the piano halfway down the stairs. When they realized they didn’t know how to make the turn, the movers simply walked off the job leaving the piano in the stairwell. Not only does this cause undue stress and frustration to the client, but it also costs the client more money for piano removal.

Alden’s Piano Company is a piano local mover in Chicago and specializes in moving baby grand pianos to Yamaha upright pianos. Our piano movers are specially trained, and have the experience and expertise to move your beloved piano, or pick up and deliver a brand new piano. Each member of our moving crew is a trained piano mover and at least one member of the crew will have eight years of experience or more. For more difficult moves involving stairs or tight spaces or turns, the owner will personally supervise the move.

Before you move it yourself or hire a cheap mover – Ask 3 Questions

  1. Will the equipment needed cost more than hiring a professional?
    In almost all cases the answer is yes.
  2. Do I have the experience necessary to do the move?
    What can take 4-5 people to accomplish takes 2 experienced piano movers half the time and a tenth of the hassle!
  3. Am I willing to risk damaging the piano or other property to save money on movers?
    99.9% of the time the answer is NO.

Alden’s Piano is the #1 piano moving company in Chicago.

We love pianos and our experienced staff will move your piano with a sense of urgency yet transport it with the utmost care.

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