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Professional Piano Tuners in Milwaukee, WI

Searching for quality piano tuners in Milwaukee, WI? No need to look any further, Alden’s Piano has you covered! Ron Alden is a 4th generation concert piano tuner and the preferred professional in the Milwaukee area. A piano should be tuned biannually, preferably when the heat comes on and off. If your piano is due for a tuning, trust us with your instrument to get the job done. Call today to inquire about our tuning services

Piano Tuning Services

Alden’s has built a reputation as being the finest piano tuning company in the Milwaukee area. Our family can take care of any piano needs whether that is restoration, repairs, or piano tuning. Our fine tuners can hear the sound of an “in tune” piano without the use of a machine. Due to our knowledge and experience, we have been able to teach classes to members of the Piano Technicians Guild. Don’t hesitate to call us when you are looking for Piano Tuners in Milwaukee.

Perfect Piano Tuning from Professionals!

Our tuning service can produce a like-new sound!

Satisfied Piano Tuning Clients:

  • Access Destinations
  • Chicago Theater
  • Rosemont Theater
  • Gibsons Restaurant
  • Casino Club
  • Andy’s Jazz Club
  • Millennium Stage
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Ways to Avoid Overspending on Piano Tuning

  • Placing plants near the piano will help control the humidity.
  • Routine maintenance twice a year will keep your piano in tune!
  • Considering a move for your piano? You can save on piano tuning costs after a move with Alden’s!

Factors that can have a negative impact on your piano’s tone:

  • Force Air Heat
  • Fireplaces
  • Humidity
  • S.W. Windows
  • Force with which the keys are stroked

Please call Alden’s Piano Company at (847) 848-6533 for Your Piano Repair Service, Moving, Tuning, or Rental Needs

Alden’s Piano Company offers Piano Tuning Services From Chicago to Milwaukee.

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