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Trusted Chicago Piano Tuning Service

Need a Chicago piano tuning service to ensure you strike a chord at your next performance? Alden’s Piano company has successfully provided professional piano tuning “by ear” throughout the Chicago area since 1885. For over a hundred years, we have crafted the art of preparing and fine-tuning your instrument to ensure that every key played sounds exquisite. For the best results when playing your piano, we recommend having your instrument tuned twice a year. Our very own Ron Alden is the top professional piano tuner in the Chicago area and has fine-tuned his practice of adjusting all varieties of pianos. Call today to schedule an appointment with Chicago’s preferred piano tuning professionals!

Let us help you create the sweetest melodies - Find the finest piano tuners at Alden's!

With an emphasis on craftsmanship, Alden’s Piano Company is proud to offer a full range of piano services from restorations and repairs to tunings, rentals, and even professional piano moving services. While the most common tuning services usually involve the use of modern equipment to achieve the right sounds, Alden’s team of quality tuners have the experience and knowledge to find the right tune “by ear”. Our technicians are the acknowledged piano tuning specialists for the Chicago area. When it is time to make sure your prized instrument is sounding its best, let the qualified technicians at Alden’s Piano Company find your perfect tune!

Tuning a Piano With Alden Means Perfection!

Our tuning service can produce a like-new sound!

Satisfied Piano Tuning Clients:

  • Access Destinations
  • Chicago Theater
  • Rosemont Theater
  • Gibsons Restaurant
  • Casino Club
  • Andy’s Jazz Club
  • Millennium Stage
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Tips to Avoid Overspending on Piano Tuning Costs

  • Placing plants near the piano will help control the humidity.
  • Routine maintenance twice a year will keep your piano in tune!
  • Considering a move for your piano? You can save on piano tuning costs after a move with Alden’s!

Key factors that can negatively impact a piano’s tune:

  • Force Air Heat
  • Fireplaces
  • Humidity
  • S.W. Windows
  • Force with which the keys are stroked

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Alden’s Piano Company offers Piano Tuning Services for the entire Chicagoland area. From the city center to the outreaching suburbs and even to Milwaukee, Alden’s offers premier piano tuning services for you.

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