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Let Us Help You Move Your Piano

Are you planning on moving and need Chicago Piano Movers? Alden’s Piano company offers safe and reliable moving services in the area for your instrument. From picking it up to dropping it off, and every step in between, you can trust us that your piano is in the best hands. Here at Alden’s, we have been Chicago Piano Movers since 1885. No moving job is too hard for our professional team. We understand how delicate your piano is, which is why we take extra care and precaution during the entire moving process. Call us today to start your move!

Our family-owned company, Alden's Piano receives the best training to provide the best services for you.

To ensure your piano is in the best hands, each of our movers is specifically trained and has a team with over 8 years of experience handling pianos. Therefore, during your search of Chicago Piano Movers, keep in mind our experience with this delicate instrument.

Any difficult moves or situations will have our owner personally oversee and assist the project for added assurance to keep your move stress-free.

From Chicagoland to Milwaukee and everywhere in between, Alden’s is the most experienced professionals for piano moving.

The Piano Mover's Detailed Process:

  1. Document any damage on piano and confirm with the customer so there is no confusion on the other end.
  2. Cover and pad the piano then prep for moving.
  3. Lift the piano onto a dolly. We use rubber wheeled dollies to protect all floor surfaces including hardwood.
  4. Secure the piano on the truck.
  5. The process is reversed for delivery.
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Professional, Experienced Chicago Piano Movers That Make the Difference.

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We have only the most skilled and professional Chicago Piano Movers handle your prized possession. We take pride in providing the best, most secure, and reliable piano moving services. Any complicated moving tasks have our owner personally drive us for extra precaution. Our team of movers works a flexible schedule as they can take about 20 minutes for getting the pianos in and out of houses. This way they are able to adapt to your schedule and what works best for you and your piano.

As for the pickup and delivery process for your piano, our Chicago Piano Movers work within a two-hour window that is most convenient for you. We make sure to give calls when they are close to your destination to make sure all communication is handled professionally. With using the proper equipment and precaution, our moving team works to avoid causing unnecessary damage to floors, walls, and other valuables, including the instrument itself, as we remove or bring your piano to its new resting place.

When you call for your Chicago Piano Movers at Alden’s Piano Company, you and your piano are our top priority. With exceptional services and affordable prices, Alden’s is the perfect choice for your professional piano moving needs. Trust your piano with us today!

Alden’s Movers Provide Reliable Services!

As the local Chicago to Milwaukee, professional piano movers, our experience with difficult moves is more extensive than other piano moving companies.

As you can see in our video, our team managed to get a 7ft Steinway Grand Piano into an elevator without a scratch! Piano moving services are provided by a staff of highly trained and qualified piano movers.

  • Pickup and Drop Off
  • Padding and Protection Supplied for Move
  • Moving of Furniture, Railings and other obstructions
  • Remove Doors when Necessary
  • Scan Dwelling for Potential Hazards before moving
  • Grand Piano Moving
  • Upright Piano Moving
  • Organ Moving
  • Piano Removals

Our Piano Movers List of Satisfied Customers

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  • Piano Forte Chicago
  • Cordogan’s Pianoland
  • ANR Pianos
  • Yamaha Corporation of America
  • Kawai America Corp.
  • Roosevelt University
  • Northwestern University
  • Elmhurst College
  • Chicago Piano Service

Piano Movers Available Monday – Saturday, 8AM – 4PM. Evening and Sundays are available for an additional charge.

Call (847) 848-6533 for Your Piano Moving, Rental or Repair Service Needs

Alden’s Piano Company offers Piano Moving, Piano Rental, Used Piano Sales, and Piano Restoration services from Chicago to Milwaukee. We are happy to service clientele in Chicago, Naperville, Oak Park, Elmhurst, Arlington Heights, Lake Forest, Evanston, Schaumburg, and Gurnee areas!

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